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Smoke Control / Quit Smoking

Ever wondered how much you actually smoke? Having a hard time to quit smoking using traditional methods? Then this app is what you need. Smoke Control is an Android application that makes you more conscious about your smoking habit, and aids you in drop the old habit once an for all.

You can download the app from the Android Market.

Smoke Control has a user-friendly interface that uses flings/swypes to guide your way through different statistics and graphs. They summarize your progress, and indicate if you are allowed to smoke again, or better wait some more. A selection of Smoke Control's views is given below:

Home page

To keep track, click the cigarette butt every time you had a smoke.

At the top, you'll find the remaining time to your next cigarette and the hour at which you may smoke again. This is based on the interval, as well as the experience level you have set in the preferences.

At the bottom, you’ll find the amount of smoked cigarettes and the interval for today.

A notification sound will be played when you are allowed to smoke, and the smoke icon in the notification bar will turn green. You can enable/disable these in the preferences.

This page shows your smoke behavior based on your smoked cigarettes.

The graph shows how much cigarettes you have smoked exactly (red dots), as well as an average (orange graph). Your target, which is based on your personal interval, is given in green.

At the bottom, you find your total amount of smoked cigarettes, and the average, maximum and minimum per day.

This page shows your smoke behavior based on the interval between cigarettes.

The graph shows how many cigarettes you have smoked at specific intervals. The red bars indicate intervals below your personal goal, the green ones those above your personal goal.

At the bottom you find the average, maximum and minimum interval of today, and in total.


Here you can find more information on your smoking habit. Most information is moved to the appropriate pages.

The (financial) price you pay for your habit can be found here.

At the bottom, you'll find the progress bars. The more colored your progress bars are, the closer you are to your next smoke. You can customize which bars to show in the preferences.

User comments (for full list, see the Android Market):

* An excellent app to keep track of your smoking behavior and expenses. - Milos
* This is a great app and its free amazing - dan93
* Really helps. Don't see a "non-lite" version. Was considering purchasing depending on what extra it offered. - jefs.42
* I was able to stop a 20+ year habit in only 4 weeks. - Jon
* If you really want to quit this allows you to reduce the stress. Slowly bringing those craveings down. Good job. - Jonathan

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